January 31, 2024

Three Recent Investments Bolster Illinois’ Position as EV Hub

Wieland North America, the Rev Up EV! Community College Initiative, and the U.S. federal government have all made new investments in Illinois’ EV ecosystem.

The electric vehicle industry in Illinois is accelerating, with three new investments spanning manufacturing growth, infrastructure improvement, and talent development.

Wieland Commits $500 Million to Modernize Illinois Facility

Image credit to Weiland.com; Wieland Unveils $500 Million Modernization and Expansion Project in East Alton, IL

Wieland Rolled Products North America, a global supplier of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products, is investing $500 million to modernize its East Alton manufacturing facility to meet increased demand of copper components used in EV manufacturing, infrastructure, and renewable energy production.

The company will retain 800 jobs in Illinois and is part of a $231 million incentive package made possible by the state’s Reimagining Energy and Vehicles (REV) Act. The REV Act gives tax benefits for investing in renewable energy and electric vehicle production. Wieland will also receive additional funding for infrastructure projects in East Alton and workforce training and support as part of its REV incentive.

“Copper production is an essential part of a sustainable manufacturing future in Illinois, and Wieland’s commitment to increased capacity will benefit other sustainable industries across the state, further growing this thriving sector,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Wieland’s leading work in copper solutions is a major part of the East Alton economy, and I’m grateful that they have reaffirmed their commitment to sustainable manufacturing and to the community.”

Rev Up EV! Community College Grant Awards $9.4 Million to Invest in EV Manufacturing Training

Image credit to The Community Colleges of Illinois Facebook. Partaking in the Rev Up EV! Community College Initiative.

More than two dozen community colleges in Illinois have been awarded $9.4 million to develop training programs for electric vehicle technology. The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) announced the grants to 25 schools under its Rev Up EV! Community College Initiative to help meet the needs of the state’s expanding EV industry.

The grants will help colleges build capacity for the EV industry’s staffing and production needs, and also focus on technology and development expansion. This includes job training programs that teach EV production and maintenance, as well as the installation of infrastructure such as charging stations.

“Illinois is at the forefront of change to vehicle electrification and continues to attract new EV industry companies. This funding will allow our community college system to increase the trained workforce and create new technology that will support the growing needs of the industry for years to come,” said ICCB Executive Director Brian Durham.

Illinois Wins Federal Funding for EV Charging Expansion and Repair

Image credit to Getty Images.

New federal funds will help Illinois expand and repair its charging station infrastructure for electric vehicles, helping support the state’s fast-growing EV industry as well as its transition to renewable energy.

More than $14.9 million in funding will help install 845 level 2 charging stations and 36 fast-charge stations across the state, including many in or near disadvantaged communities.

Senators Durban and Duckworth also recently announced more than $7 million in funds from the U.S. Department of Transportation to fix or replace broken EV chargers in the state.

Image credit to Lion Electric; Electing Joliet, Illinois, to be the home of its future US manufacturing facility.

Home to EV manufacturers like Rivian and Lion Electric, battery makers like Gotion, and many other component suppliers, Illinois has emerged as a top destination for the EV ecosystem, thanks to new investments, a strong workforce, and a central location. To learn more about how being in Illinois can help your business, reach out to us here.

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