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Universities in Illinois

Replenishing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today

Each year, the University of Illinois system graduates more engineers than MIT, Stanford and CalTech combined. It’s just one of the reasons our talent pool is second to none. More than 24,000 newly minted engineers are walking across the graduation stage this weekend: Will their next stop be your workforce?

Two Lion Electric Trucks

Lion Electric: A trailblazer in Illinois manufacturing

Take a look inside Lion Electric’s all-electric school bus facility and hear how Illinois’ mix of skilled workers, robust infrastructure, and a compelling vision for the future is helping spark the electric revolution.

Image Source: Lion Electric Media

Illinois Welcome Sign

Illinois climbs corporate investment rankings to claim no. 3 spot

Illinois is climbing the ranks of investment destinations, coming in third in the nation for corporate expansion and relocation projects in 2021, up one spot from the previous year. The state also ranks 7th in projects per capita, and is seeing strong interest in industries like electric vehicles, finance, agribusiness, and health.

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