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Disrupting the fiber optics industry: How viaPhoton is driving next-gen data infrastructure

Illinois is a leader in the IT industry. As a rapidly growing global data market, support for next-gen data centers and 5G networks is essential. Enter viaPhoton, an Aurora-based company disrupting the fiber connectivity market with customizable solutions for data centers and telecoms infrastructure.

A roundup of recent news from companies investing in Illinois

Volvo has opened a new electric truck training center in Tinley Park, Illinois, joining the Swedish company’s growing network of EV training facilities across North America. The new facility underscores Illinois’ importance both as a central transportation hub as well as an emerging bastion of the EV industry. Learn how other companies like Kellogg’s and Ferrero are investing in Illinois.

Rivian Manufacturing Team

3 (Major) Reasons EV companies want to be in Illinois

After years of hype, electric vehicles are finally breaking through into the mainstream. Beyond the breathless headlines and attention-seeking tweets, real work is being done in factories, research facilities, and government offices to make EVs more accessible and useful to everyone. This piece highlights three trends to watch this year as the EV industry charges up in Illinois and beyond.

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