January 2, 2024

Why Illinois is the Next Big Hub for Tech Innovation: Discover More at CES 2024

Intersect Illinois, along with partners from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, P33 and Innovate Illinois, will connect with industry leaders in EV, agtech, and IT at the Consumer Technology Association’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this month.

Intersect Illinois at CES 2024

Amidst this backdrop of innovation, Intersect Illinois and team will glean cutting-edge knowledge from leaders across tech, while representing Illinois as a great place to do business and connecting with company leaders that have an expansion or relocation on the horizon.

A state rich with resources and opportunity, Illinois is a unique powerhouse for cultivating growth, and offers a thriving business ecosystem for companies like those attending CES. Behind the excitement of innovation that’s sure to be palpable at CES 2024, there’s a deeper story unfolding, which begs the question: Where will this technology thrive?

Our answer is, of course, Illinois – the future’s hub for technological innovation and massive business growth.

The Illinois Advantage

Illinois is more than just a blossoming state for business scalability; it’s a vibrant ecosystem for innovation that drives our global use of consumer technology.

Whether through its strength in the ability and resources to support the entire ecosystem of electric vehicles and their component parts or quantum technology and its reliance on R&D, Illinois offers:

  1. A hub of talent and research: Illinois boasts top-tier educational institutions like the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, renowned for producing some of the brightest minds in technology, engineering, and progressive lanes like quantum computing. This environment seeds and fosters a talent pool both deep and diverse, necessary for business success.
  2. Strategic location: Situated in the heart of the Midwest, Illinois is centrally located and accessible for both domestic and international travel. The state’s robust transportation network makes it an ideal hub for connecting to markets and people across the world.
  3. Supportive business climate: Illinois is committed to nurturing a business-oriented ecosystem, offering supportive policies, significant incentives, and investment in the state’s infrastructure for the long term.

Connect with Us at CES 2024

This conference is more than just a window into the future of technology; it’s an opportunity to identify the right environment to nurture that potential.

Will you or someone you know be at CES this year? Let’s connect! We’d love to share more about what we do, and what we can do for you.

Not attending CES 2024 but still interested in learning more about how growing your business in Illinois can benefit your company? Contact us today.

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Are you ready to be where the action is? Reach out to the Intersect Illinois team to discuss properties perfectly suited for your business.

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