May 5, 2022

Lion Electric: A trailblazer in Illinois manufacturing

The future of transport is electric. That’s true not only for commuter cars and trucks, but for vehicles like school buses, too. And that electric future is being built right here in Illinois. Lion Electric’s new 900,000 sq-ft manufacturing facility is the largest of its kind in the U.S. Their all-electric buses and trucks will bring clean air and a sustainable economy to communities across the nation. Watch Lion Electric’s video to learn more about this innovative facility and how Illinois’ mix of skilled workers, robust infrastructure, and a compelling vision for the future is putting the state at the forefront of the electric revolution.

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Top facts about Illinois

The 5th biggest economy in the U.S. is home to dozens of Fortune 500 companies, millions of educated and skilled workers and a central location completely connected to the rest of the world. See more of what makes Illinois the place to be for your business with this downloadable infographic.

Talent, location, community: How Rivian came to be in Illinois

Rivian chose to build its first manufacturing facility in Illinois for many reasons, such as the state’s proximity to top-tier talent as well as Normal’s central location and access to infrastructure. In this Q&A, Rivian’s Zack Dietmeier will touch on the facility’s expansion, the development of Illinois’ EV ecosystem, and offer helpful insights to prospective EV companies looking to set up businesses in new locations.

Defining the future of food: Chicago food innovation investment soars 500%

A new research report shows how Chicago’s strong foundation in the food industry, combined with a growing network of startups, incubators, and investors puts the city – and the state more broadly – at the forefront of innovation. Since 2019, venture capital in food innovation has soared more than 500%. Investment is flowing to three main areas: new ingredients and foods, new ways of getting products to customers, and new technology from packaging to robots to kitchen tools.

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