September 11, 2023

Latest Investment Guide Shows Why More Companies Are Choosing to Be in Illinois

A thriving economy worth $1 trillion. Unparalleled fiscal progress with eight credit upgrades in two years. More state incentives than ever before. There’s no better place to grow your business than Illinois, and Conway Global’s 2023-24 Illinois Investment Guide gives a detailed look at how the state’s central location, clean energy, highly skilled workforce and world-class infrastructure are attracting more businesses than ever. Here are just a few of the insightful articles you’ll find:

  • A look at how business and government leaders across Illinois collaborate to spark innovation and growth
  • Key facts and figures about Illinois
  • A “road trip” across the state highlighting recent expansions in different areas
  • Why foreign direct investment in Illinois is rising as investors across the globe turn their eye to the state
  • How an increase in site development is inviting opportunities on a whole new scale
  • Testimonials from business leaders about why Illinois was the right place for their companies’ growth
  • Profiles on sectors including electric vehicles, advanced manufacturing, transportation and logistics, life sciences, agribusiness and more


To get a fuller picture of everything Illinois has to offer, read the guide on Conway’s site or view the PDF here.


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